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Tracking Ollie
Kids: 628479 Volunteers: 1429
Classrooms: 31576 Schools: 2299
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First Lady Crissy Haslam
Crissy Haslam with Ollie Otter at New Hope Academy

First Lady Crissy Haslam
Crissy Haslam with Ollie Otter at New Hope Academy
Commissioner Bill Gibbons
Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
Ollie Otter Milestone
Governor's Highway Safety Office, Child Passenger Safety
Ollie Otter Celebrates Milestone
The Ollie Cheer!
Ollie Otter Celebrates Milestone
Measuring Lakewood Students
Ollie Otter Celeberates Milestone at Lakewood
Belts to Bones,TN Higway Patrol
Dr. Veronica Gunn, MD, MPH, FAAP
Vanderbilt University
Commissioner David Mitchell
TN Dept. of Safety
Congressman Duncan
Ollie meets the East TN Congressman
Dr. Johns-Womack, Director
Coordinated School Health
Susan Cook, Director
Safe Kids of the Greater Knox Area
Lt. Robert Christian
Tennessee Highway Patrol Safety Education
Trooper Darryl Winningham
Tennessee Highway Patrol, DARE
Ollie Visits Capital Hill
State of Tennessee Transportation Committee Meeting
Kevin Liska, Director
TTU BusinessMedia Center
Kevin Liska, Director TTU BusinessMedia Center
Ollie the Otter
Governor Bredesen
Kevin Liska
Lt. Jesse Brooks
Safety Education Officer
Dr. Lana Seivers, Commissioner of Education
TN Dept. of Education: K-12
Betsy Preston, Director
East Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center
Kent Starwalt
Executive Vice President, TRBA
Mae Banks
Director, Hartsville Technology Center
Glen Chambers
TRBA, LoJac Construction Company
Representative John Mark Windle
Representative John Mark Windle
Trooper Shannon
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Portia Hatfield
Instructor, Technology Center at Jacksboro
Lt. RC Christian
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Lt. Zane Smith
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Glenetta Dave, MPA
West TN Child Passenger Safety Educator
Mike Garrison
Director of Student Services, McMinnville TTC
Hal Williford
TRBA- Lehman-Roberts Co
Doug Blalock
TRBA- Charles Blalock and Sons
Betsy Preston
East Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center Director
Betty Settles
TN Dept. of Tourism I55 Welcome Center
Lt. Tim Griswald
Griswald Tennessee Highway Patrol
Bill Chesney
TRBA- Rogers Group
Tina Williford
TRBA Ladies Auxiliary
Brandon Smith
Putnam County Safer Communities Task Force
Allen Parks
TRBA- Memphis Stone and Gravel
Jenny Anderson
TRBA- Marathon Petroleum
Officer Rachel Gober
Franklin City Police Department
Lt. Faulkner, Safety Education Program
7th District Tennessee Highway Patrol
Trooper Shannon
Tennessee Highway Patrol
George Stewart
Dept of Tourism, I-40 Memphis Welcome Center
Sgt. Brad Ball, Newport Police Department
Resource Officer for Newport Grammar School
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